• Heritage Ventures
    An investment company and a venture capital fund based in Ireland
  • Turning an
    old-style business
    into a new
    generation business

Our Vision

Heritage Ventures is an investment company dedicated to helping IT and Tech businesses reach their full potential.

We invest in start-ups and small businesses with exceptional growth potential or in companies that have grown quickly and appear poised to continue to expand.

  • The first step for every business interested in our help is to submit to us a Business Plan
  • If interested in the proposal, Heritage Ventures will perform a due diligence, which includes a thorough investigation of the company’s business model, products, management, and operating history, among other things
  • Once due diligence has been completed, Heritage Ventures will pledge an investment of capital in exchange for equity in the company. These funds may be provided all at once, but more typically the capital is provided in rounds. Heritage Ventures then takes an active role in the funded company, advising and monitoring its progress before releasing additional funds
  • Heritage Ventures exits the company after a period of time by initiating a merger, acquisition or initial public offering (IPO)

Up to

Value Solidity

Up to

Increase Growth

Innovation is what drives our growth as a group

Investment Strategy

Control investments with a medium to long-term perspective

Industrial Value

Growth and Efficiency


Engagement of the Portfolio Companies’ management


Core Values are at the heart of our business.

They define who we are, how we work, what we believe in and what we stand for. In this fast changing world our core values are solid: team spirit, integrity, honesty and commitment.

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