Fintech / News   07 August 2017

Heritage Ventures Investments: medii8 and the Fintech


One of the key areas where Heritage Ventures has decided to invest is Financial Technology, also known as Fintech. It’s about the supply of services and financial products through the most advanced Information Technology (ICT).

Fintech is used to automate insurance, business management and risk management. Global investment in financial technology increased more than twelve fold from $930 million in 2008 to more than $12 billion in 2014.

The Silicon Valley isn’t the only one to grow, also Europe and UK in particular. The benefits of this boom mostly affected those projects that concern the future of payments, over than one-third of the investments, in fact, concerned this area.

Globally, nearly $23 billion of venture capital and growth equity have been deployed to Fintech over the past five years, and this number is growing quickly.


McKinsey venture capital investment

Online trading remains hot, accounting for nearly 59.3% of industry revenue. Fintech industry can offer cutting-edge trading software development solutions will find lucrative opportunities in the online trading market.

In this setting we find medii8, the online trading platform, based on the experience of Heritage and Opt1mize, the software house that is also part of the venture capital portfolio.

Medii8 is a virtual market place that allows trading at the most convenient prices in the market.

The integrated banking platform enables e-commerce between the various operators in real-time, ensuring completely secure payments.

Managing payment is restrictive and time consuming, medii8 removes commercial challenges with pre payments agreements. The member platform add funds to their accounts and medii8 delivers real time payments with other members.



Medii8 has a very flexible platform that can resolve business restriction for any trading ecosystem, delivering real time trading to ensure more business with more partners in real-time.

For telecom sector, medii8 enables carriers to access a range of alternative network providers and carriers to meet the capacity demand with quality assurance, efficient network management, maximized network redundancy and quality based routing mechanism with competitive pricing.

The platform allows carriers to establish contracts directly with each other without the need to resort to any type of intermediation. In the same way allows each carrier to buy and sell to and from medii8.


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